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About BRUKA Solutions, LLC

Our Story

BRUKA Solutions, LLC was formed to support companies hiring efforts. Our Executive Recruitment team hunts for candidates based on the specific information provided to us from our client. Our clients vary from industries such as SaaS, Supply Chain, Logistics, Packaging and Automotive.


BRUKA Solutions will:


• We will pre-screen and interview all candidates prior to completing reference checks to ensure the quality of candidates.
• We will always edit, and re-format candidate resumes to present to clients in a professional and consistent manner
• We prepare all candidates for their interview with their respected companies with information given by our clients.
• We recruit entry level to c-suite positions based on what our clients would like us to recruit. 

My philosophy of BRUKA-Solutions is that I believe that everyone should have a balance of work and family.  I try to bring this to how we work with our clients…they are like family.

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